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Senior Studio Project

About me.

I am passionate about Industrial design, or better said, design in every form. I have a fascination for traveling and learning everything I can about other cultures. I enjoy having a laugh with my friends and family. I’m driven by adrenaline, so I thrive on extreme activities, meaning that you may find me performing an occasional skydive. Last but not least, I love music…In my opinion; life makes no sense without a good tune to enhance it.

I believe good design is born from passionate designers. I grew up in a nature driven environment, where imagination and creativity became part of my everyday surroundings. From an early age, I’ve had a keen eye for detail and an insatiable curiosity as to how things work. As a passionate designer, my intentions are to study the wants and needs of the end user, so that I can better understand them and further enhance their quality of life. I will create smart, green designs, where form and function work together harmoniously.


One Response

  1. gradyeason says:

    I believe you have the best designs. The milk bottles look fantastic.

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